Website Author


  1. I do not have a finance background and am not in a position to give investment advice.
  2. I was a co-founder of MessengerPeople, a company that was acquired by Sinch in 2021.
  3. Part of the acquisition cost was paid in Sinch stock and thus I am a stockholder of Sinch.
  4. My Sinch stock lost a lot of value in 2022 and I would financially benefit from a recovery.
  5. I am not employed with Sinch or MessengerPeople anymore. My only affiliation with Sinch is that I still own Sinch stock.
  6. During the year after the acquisition by Sinch and until I left the company, I was involved into several operational tasks that had a short-term focus.
  7. I never discussed Sinch business/finance strategy with the (ex-)colleagues who were in charge of business/finance strategy.

My Motivation

  1. Throughout my career, I worked in the software tech industry with a focus on SaaS B2B business models.
  2. I co-founded several companies that were typically funded by venture capital.
  3. I worked in Europe, US and Japan and am familiar with the respective software industries.
  4. I experienced the early Internet boom in the 90s, the burst of the Internet bubble in 2000, the financial crisis in 2008 and the difficult period since 2020.
  5. I know how difficult it is to build up a new business based on innovation and disruption. And I know how much employees of innovative companies sacrifice.
  6. I very much dislike that we have come to a point where greedy people with huge amounts of money can damage or even destroy healthy companies.
  7. I don’t agree that having a lot of money means that some people and some organizations can operate outside of the law and outside of what is right.
  8. I would like to contribute my opinions about what is not working well in our current business world, with Sinch as an example of a company that (at least in 2022) is not treated in a fair way.
  9. This website is purely personal and serves no business purpose.